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I am pleased to once again submit this newsletter with exciting and stimulating news for all of our members as well as for those that are about to become members.

Our launch in Cote D’Ivoire has been extremely successful and I am very pleased to announce that we have been sending many happy Ivorians on wonderful and fabulous vacations to destinations all around the world.

It has taken a while for the market to become familiar and comfortable with our company in Cote D’Ivoire but after a hesitant start and with lots of word of mouth reference from happy and satisfied Ivorian members, the market has adjusted and we are now a revered and respected company in the market with an exceptional track record of delivering on our promise.

As usual, our bookings desk back in South Africa continuously makes many bookings on a daily basis for all our members all over Africa and my thanks to them for their tireless efforts in making our members dreams come true.

It is truly amazing how many African families are now enjoying the wonders of travelling with their children to new and exotic destinations. I am enlightened by this revelation and I’m impressed by the awareness of African parents who have come to realize the educational value that travel brings to their children.

We also note an increase in bookings for South Africa as a destination of choice and this is largely due to the awareness of South Africa being the shopping mecca for Africa, with the cheapest prices on clothing and accessories, as well as electronic goods in Africa.

Not only is South Africa a shopping mecca but the resorts and accommodation is of an international standard and the amount of activities and things to do and see in SA is testimony to the fact that South Africa continues to be the number one tourist hotspot in Africa, attracting millions of international tourists each year to its shores.

Once again, I wish to thank all of our thousands of members for their continuous loyalty and we will always strive to be supportive and attentive to your needs.

On the news front, I am very excited and pleased to announce that we continue to expand our operation and services into Africa and our newest venture has been the opening of our latest branch in Kigali, Rwanda.

As we all know, Rwanda is a well-recognized African country on the international stage, due to its turbulent history and I have been pleasantly surprised by the nature of the country, with Kigali being the focal point of my discovery.

Kigali has many virtues but the two that stand out head and shoulders above anything else is firstly, the cleanliness of the city itself. Kigali boasts to be the cleanest city in Africa and I can vouch for that fact.

The streets are spotless and a monthly cleanup by all its citizens is not even required as far as I am concerned because one would have to look with a fine-toothed comb to find any semblance of refuse or litter on its streets.

The city is beautiful and extremely green and lush, with great care to preserve the natural beauty of the indigenous plant life and trees. The roads are lined with greenery and everything is meticulously manicured and well cared for.

At night the city is extremely well lit and driving through the many hills of Kigali, one has the feeling of total safety and security.

The second factor that stands out in my mind is the exceptional friendliness of its inhabitants. Everyone is so gentle natured and friendly, always willing to help and extending a hospitality rivalled in many an African country.

The launch of our company has been well accepted and I can sense a willingness and need for travel from all the Rwandan people that I have encountered here.

To all of our existing members and to all those many, many more that we welcome with open arms, I wish you safe and happy travels and please remember that your membership is a privilege that we cherish and will continuously strive to please.

Keep satisfying that urge to explore and expand your horizons and look to new destinations that might not have originally been your first choice due to the extreme cultural and language differences. This is where you will truly enhance your knowledge of different cultures and leave you and your families with lasting memories.

Ernest de Lange (Chairman)

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