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Mr & Mrs Ejinkoye & Family

Sometime last year, my husband told me he had filled in a questionnaire at a filling station having being told that he might win a free 3 days accommodation voucher for two if considered.The questionnaire focused mainly on his vacation habits.

Coincidentally, I was with my husband when he got a call from RVI congratulating him on winning a free accommodation voucher and inviting him to the RVI office for a presentation.

When upon subsequent calls, the RVI representative insisted that he come to the office with his , spouse, we wondered what it was all about The presentation took us completely unaware. It sounded too good to be true and we wondered if this was some kind of scam.

But somehow we felt convinced and we joined the club on that day and had our tree gift voucher upgraded to one week for a family of four. We chose Durban, South Africa for our holiday and it turned out to be a total BLAST!

RVI had made the booking for us at a resort (Hotel Tropicana) overlooking the golden mile of Durban. We had a whole range of activities within walking distance of the resort. The fun play ground with lots of rides for adults and children (check your heart condition before you try the Hully Gully), the paddling pools and of course miles and miles of sand and water (the beach).

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