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Vilamoura, Portugal


Vilamoura is a special place, a unique leisure and recreation resort community where the pace of life makes it feel like it’s summer all year round. With its refined edge, glamorous reputation and celebrity status, Vilamoura is where the rich go to play.

It is a purpose built complex and is one of the largest tourist resorts in Europe. Due to its size it offers nearly every form of entertainment and sport entertainment with the golf courses being one of the biggest attractions. You will also find some fascinating Roman ruins which allow you to explore and discover the history of the area. The Marina is enormous and you’ll find some very beautiful and large yachts berthed there. From there you’ll also be able to take a schooner trip and cruise along the coast or take in some sport fishing (shark and marlin).

When it comes to beaches you won’t be disappointed. Falesia beach is a vast, golden stretch of sand that is considered to be the best on the Algarve. It is overlooked by the stunning deep red cliffs. These cliffs provide some breathtaking views, especially at sunset.

The region as a whole is of great environmental and historical significance – the wetland surrounding the resort is a protected nature reserve, and the Cerro da Vila is one of the most important Roman sites in Portugal.

Things To Do

  • Golf on 6 different courses.
  • Lawn bowls.
  • Tennis.
  • Shooting.
  • Horse riding.


Vilamoura’s nightlife is one of the liveliest on the Algarve. For those interested in gambling, there are casinos in Vilamoura and at nearby towns at which you can play American roulette, French roulette, Portuguese dice, Black Jack or slot machines. While you’re there you can take in a glitzy cabaret show, hit a nightclub or relax at a film.

There is also a choice of lively football bars where Portuguese football memorabillia and signed t-shirts cover the walls.

If you like jazz, the venues offer quality live jazz concerts in a laid-back atmostphere. You’ll also find clubs at which you can party till dawn – there’s even a mega club that can accommodate up to 7 000 people on 5 dance floors


Your visit to this region will be incomplete unless you have tasted some of the local dishes. Being on the coast, the emphasis is on fish and shellfish but there are plenty of delicious meal dishes to choose from.

Throughout the Algarve you will find good value restaurants that offer a good choice of international cuisine cuisine, such as French, Indian, Chinese, Italian, Swiss of course, plenty of Portuguese restaurants.

There are also a huge choice of snack bars, cafe’s and delectable ice cream parlours! Vilamoura Marina is a particularly good spot for a choice of restaurants and bars.


If you want to learn about the history and culture of the area, the ruins at Cerro da Vila offer an excellent place to start. Recent archaeological excavations have revealed Bronze Age graves. After that the Romans settled the area followed by Visigoth and Moorish colonies each of which has left an unmistakable trace on the site. A first-rate modern museum and historic Roman site rolled into one, it is an outstanding example of a 2nd-century villa complex, complete with sunken baths, salt tanks, a burial tower and brilliant blackand- white patterned mosaics. The adjacent museum houses a superb display of Roman, Visigoth and Moorish artefacts.

A short drive north of Vilamoura will lead you to Querena, a traditional Algarve village with its white-painted houses and a stunning 16th century church. The church has a unique Manueline doorway and the chapels have 18th century gilded vestals. While you are in Querena, it is worth visiting Fonte Benemola, a protected site which has a number of caves containing archaeological remains.

Another nearby site is the charming village of Almancil which has an interesting chapel and art gallery. The small church is well worth the trip with its baroque style exterior and impressive tiled entrance. The blue and white colour of the interior makes a striking impact and the church is considered one of the treasures of the south of Portugal.

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